"Artist and writer Ivan Solomon and author and photographer Micah Groberman combine their talents in the whimsical children’s picture book The Book Bandit: Mystery of the Missing Books. 

Mila and Evan are a sister and brother who embark on a voyage to find a book thief after finding their shelves wiped clean at bedtime. Seeing a few books scattered on their home’s front lawn, the duo set out to see where the book trail leads. Along the way, they encounter different animals reading books that they’ve found. Each animal is keen to help in the search for the thief. Mila, Evan, and their new friends make their way up snowy mountains, across glistening waters, and into the thick of a lush forest to reach the surprising culprit. 

The writing here is fresh and fun, and the story offers up a nice, continuous rhythm and memorable rhymes. Clever illustrations are superimposed over exquisite photography—all of it original—to illuminate the pages. The book successfully showcases a love of reading and a true appreciation of nature. A worthy educational tie-in, the book includes a fun game on the quiz page, ensuring that this title will keep children engaged after its last line. 

Fans will be on lookout for more from Solomon and Groberman.”


**** 4 Stars

Tanisha Rule

Foreword Clarion Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

When their storybooks disappear, two siblings set out to find the thief, meeting friends along the way.


Bedtime for siblings Evan and Mila means sharing a good book before settling down to sleep. But choosing their story won’t be easy when they discover their bookshelves are bare. After seeing a trail of scattered books outside, the children “climbed out the window and followed the trail, / Bringing their wagon to collect every tale.”


Told in rhyme as a cumulative story, this appealing debut picture book by Groberman and Solomon follows Evan and Mila on their quest. The siblings find their volumes in the clutches of animals—including a raccoon, a bear, and a snake—who turn out to be book-loving opportunists, not bandits. Each furred, feathered, and scaly character the children encounter joins in the search for the rest of the missing books until they locate the culprit (whose identity is a comic surprise). The message—that books are treasures and reading is fun that can be shared—comes through clearly in the simple, pleasantly rhythmic text and Solomon’s vivid, cartoon-style illustrations, superimposed over Groberman’s original photographs of night skies, fields, lakes, and forest.


The authors are partners in a company specializing in children’s wall murals and



A charming celebration of reading told through rhyming text and an atmospheric mix of photos and colorful illustrations.

Foreword Clarion Reviews